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Selected Verses of the Holy Quran

Selected Verses of the Holy Quran

Language: Samoan

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Translations of Holy Quran

Each verse of the Holy Quran has a simple and obvious meaning which can be understood even on a first reading. In addition to this, each verse forms a part of a unique integrated system of multiple channels containing numerous meanings hidden below the surface. Via these channels, the subject matter of any verse forms a continuous link with the preceding and following verses and chapters, like a multichannel communication system.

In the light of the above, two things become obvious:
  1. However meticulous and faithful a translation may be, it can only go part of the way in helping to convey the meaning of a book so multi- faceted and rich in the meaning as the Holy Quran. Indeed it is impossible to claim that any one translation of the Holy Quran is sufficient to convey to the reader the entire message contained in the original text.
  2. It is even more difficult to choose some specimen verses of the Holy Quran relating to a given subject and consider them to be sufficiently representative. For instance, if a few verses of the sacred text are selected to represent the economic system, as envisaged in the Holy Quran, the task would become prohibitive because of the rich multi- faceted nature of the Holy Quran; also because the philosophy of the Islamic economic system can be deduced from many verses of the Holy Quran which are not even directly related to the subject of economics.


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