How long until I receive my order?

We ship on Saturdays only and shipping usually takes 2-8 days (for the USA). For international orders it will take usually up to 2 weeks from the time we ship. 

What if my order is missing a book?

If your order is missing a book please go to the contact us page and send us an email at support@amibookstore.us so we can assist you further or talk to us using the Live Chat feature. Please be sure to mention the order number and/or the email used for the order.

What if i don't see a book or it is out of stock?

If you don't see a book it usually means we do not have it or will not be able to get it for a while. If a book is out of stock we are probably waiting for more to arrive so we can start sending them out again. You can click "notify me when in stock" link on the book page to get notified when the book is in stock again.

What if I want to cancel my order?

Please email support@amibookstore.us with your order number and reason for canceling. If you have already received your order we will need you to ship it back to us at your cost.

What is Jamaat Budget?

Jamaat budget orders are meant for missionaries and other jamaat office holders who needs books. If you are a missionary or office holder most orders will need to be approved before we can ship it (we will get approval ourselves). If you know you will need books for an event please order one or two weeks ahead of the event so you can get them in time. If they are placed one week before than it is likely it wont be approved in time for us to ship it and you to receive it.

When will a book be back in stock?

Most of the time we do not know when it will be back in stock.

Are you able to make an order for me?

If you are unable to make an order yourself or are having trouble, please message us using the website chat bot. We will help guide you through the process. Remember to never share sensitive information such as credit card numbers or passwords over the chat bot.

Do you offer discounts?

Some Jamaat events will give out coupon codes to winners of competitions but other than this we do not offer discounts. We offer free shipping, low prices, and a wide selection of books.

I want to send a book to a non-muslim/non-ahmadi to help teach them, can I get the book for free?

If you ask your local Tabligh Secretary they may already have the book you are looking for or they can make an order and give the book to you once they receive it.

What if I find a mistake in a book?

If you find a mistake please email us at support@amibookstore.us and we will make sure it gets fixed. 

Don't see your question?

The best way to get your questions answered quickly is by using the Live Chat Feature. To use it please click on the chat icon on the bottom right of your screen. Live chat connects you to a Bookstore Team Member in a matter of minutes. If we are not available you can always email us at support@amibookstore.us.