Collection: Childrens Books

In the world we see that in order for a nation to progress, it is necessary to establish a proper system for training of future generations, so that after they receive adequate training, they can shoulder the system established by their predecessors and become capable of furthering its progress. We have also seen that the best time for the training of a generation is in its childhood. In this age, the state of heart and mind is clean.
Our Master the Holy Prophet(saw) has said:
A child is born in the right nature; later his parents make him a Jew or a Christian or a Zoroastrians” (Bukhari Kitābul Jnaiz)
It is the childhood training, in which the foundation of a person's thoughts and character is built. That is why he remembers things learned in childhood more so than those learned later on.
The Promised Messiah(as) says: Age of childhood is very appropriate for the acquirement of religious knowledge. The memory in childhood is very sharp. A person never has this kind of strong memory in any other period of life. The knowledge of early age is deeply imprinted and deep rooted because growth of faculties in this age. In brief regarding the method of education, it must be kept in mind that religious education should begin from the start and this was my desire from the start and it still is. May Allah fulfill it. (Malfoozāt Vol. 1)