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Pleasant Stories & Anecdotes

Pleasant Stories & Anecdotes

Language: English

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Compiled by Mirza Khalil Ahmad Qamar

English translation of Hikāyāt-e-Shīrīń & Wāqi‘āt-e-Shīrīń.

A faith-inspiring anecdote cultivates a lifetime of spiritual wealth. Saints and sages alike enriched the souls of their disciples and followers through such stories.

Pleasant Stories & Anecdotes is an English translation and compilation of such stories which the Promised Messiah(as) narrated to his companions. These charming and insightful accounts inspired thousands to embrace the spiritually enriching message of Islam.

Readers will not only find these delightful gems of wisdom to be thought provoking, but also inspirational. They inherently awaken one’s soul to aspire to the lofty heights of righteousness, while gaining a new-found appreciation of the Glorious Lord and all His wonderful works.


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