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Minorities in the Islamic State

Minorities in the Islamic State

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Minorities in an Islamic State, the book in your hand, is the English translation of the book, Islam aur Ghair Muslim Ri‘aya, by the late Malik Saif-ur-Rahman Sahib. This translation was published in The Review of Religions Rabwah September, October 1963 & February, March 1974.

Now we are publishing it as a booklet according to the instructions of Hadart Mirza Masroor Ahmad Khalifatul-Masih V (May Allah be His Helper) for the benefit of a wider readership. I hope that this timely publication would go a long way to rebutting the criticism of the West against Islam— at least as far as the aspect of it dealt with herein is concerned—and to changing their views about it, and demolishing the self-contradictory concept of the 'militant Islam'.


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