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The Turkish Peace

The Turkish Peace

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The Turkish Peace is a collection of two addresses by Hazrat Mirza Bashir-ud-Deen Mahmood Ahmad(ra) in the nascent days of the pan-Islamic protest campaign known as the Khilafat Movement, which sought the preservation of the rule of the Sultan of Turkey following the end of the First World War. With great clarity, foresight and understanding, Huzoor not only offered a detailed and layered analysis of how this objective could be achieved but also argued that if Muslims wished to have their voices heard on the global stage, guide policy and be seen as equals of the rest of the world, they would have to unite and work with the longer term objective of curing people of their prejudices against Islam and acquainting them with its pure, progressive, and peaceful teachings. These addresses were an essential word of counsel for the Muslims of the time. They also deal with some of the most pressing issues Muslims face today.


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