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Tadhkirah , English Translation

Tadhkirah , English Translation

Language: English

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These are English rendering of the dreams, visions and verbal revelations vouchsafed to Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad, the Promised Messiah and Mahdi, over a period of more than 30 years. The original was compiled from various publications (books, journals and newspapers) in which the material was contemporaneously publicized. Some of the revelations were repeated many times. This was not at the choice of the recipient. Each time the revelation was vouchsafed afresh. This collection of revelations is replete with prophecies many of which have been fulfilled, some of them repeatedly and some await fulfilment.

Some of the verbal revelations are a repetition of verses of the Holy Quran. Their purpose is to emphasize some aspects of the connotation of the verses and their applicability to a particular set of circumstances. The revelation of a Quranic verse does not import any addition to the Holy Quran.

It is hoped that a rendering into English of all this material would be found most helpful by seekers after truth in this age and in succeeding ages who may not have, for lack of knowledge of the original, access to the actual words in which the revelation is expressed.

First Urdu Edition was printed in 1935 in Qadian, India

First English Translation by Sir Muhammad Zafrullah Khan, printed in UK in 1976

Present edition was revised by a team of members in USA headed by Munawar Ahmed Saeed Sahib and printed in UK in 2009


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