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Selection from the writings of the Promised Messiah

Selection from the writings of the Promised Messiah

Language: Creoles and pidgins

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Hazrat Mirza Ghualam Ahmad of Qadian , Imam Mehdi and the Promised Messiah says

This world here will not accept me. For, I am not of this world. But those, whose souls are akin to the next world, do and will accept me. He who withdraws from me withdraws from Him who has sent me. He who joins me joins Him from Whom I come. I hold a light in my hand. Those who come to me must receive their share of this light. But those who fall into delusions or distrust and run away from me will enter into darkness. I am the invincible fortress raised for you today. He who enters me saves himself from thieves and robbers and wild animals. But he who wishes to live at a distance from my walls runs the risk of life everywhere on all sides. Even his dead body may not survive. And who enters me? Only he who gives up evil ways and adopts the ways of virtue, who gives up crooked paths and adopts the straight path - cuts himself away from Satan and joins himself to Almighty God as one of His obedient servants.[Victory of Islam , page 21]


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Language: Creoles and pidgins

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