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Our God

Our God

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DOES GOD EXIST? Indeed, why should we even investigate His existence? And if God exists, why can we not see Him?

Hadrat Mirza Bashir Ahmad“, a recipient of Divine revelation and noted scholar, answers these and other difficult questions in Our God. He explains in detail how reason, science, and human nature itself, all point to the existence of God, and refutes several arguments put forth by atheists. The author asks those who already believe in God to reflect:

Can you honestly declare that your belief impacts your everyday life as a living reality? Do you actually feel the love of God in your heart and fear His displeasure; does your belief actually motivate you to do good and shun evil? In all matters, do you actually put your trust in God and not in material means?

For seekers, believers, and atheists alike, Our God will test your beliefs and make a compelling argument for the existence of a Supreme Divine Being that may change your life.


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