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Noah’s Ark

Noah’s Ark

Language: Turkish

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Kishti-e-Nooh (Noah's Ark) was published on 5 October 1902. On the title page of the original edition it also says "Booklet of heavenly vaccine for plague that has been prepared for our community".

The Promised Messiah saw a dream on 6 Feburary 1898 in which he saw that angels of God are planting some black plants at different places in Punjab. These trees are of black color , extremly ugly and short in height. In his dream he asked some angels about the type of plants and they replied that these are the trees of plague which is about to spread in the country.

According to this prophecy plague broke out in Punjab. In October 1902 when the plague's devstation was at its peak Govt started its vaccination program and also started a media campaign that everybody must take the vaccination shot. The Promised Messiah and Imam Mehdi refused to take the shot and wrote the book Kishti-e-Nooh. In this book he appreciated Govt efforts for eradication of plague, but for himself and his community, he said

"Had there not been a heavenly obstacle we would be the first people to get vaccinated. That obstacle is that God wants, that in this time, people should be shown a sign of heavenly mercy. So He spoke to me and said that you and whoever is inside the boundry of your home and will follow you completely and obey you and will be lost in you with true righteousness (taqwa) , all such will be saved from the plague and in these last days this will be the sign of God so that He can show the differnce among the nations. But that who does not follow you completely he is not of you and do not be sad for him. This is the order of God, because of this we for our own self and for those who are in the boundry of our home , don't need any vaccination..... " "If the question is what is that teaching, which by following completely, can save you from the attack of plague, for that I will write down some lines.... "

Then Promised Messiah(as) wrote down that teaching which if followed completely it can bring a revolution in this world.


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