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Majmooa e Ishtiharat volume 2

Majmooa e Ishtiharat volume 2

Language: Urdu

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Collection of advertisements Volume 2. This includes advertisements/Posters from 1894 to 1897, by the Promised Messiah and Imam Mehdi(as). It was published in 1972 in Rabwah, Pakistan.

These advertisements are of great value in the trutufulness of Islam and Holy Prophet Mohammad(pbuh). Most of the challenges that the Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad(as) gave to his opponents were delivered via advertisments. In his book "Victory of Islam" he has mentioned five branches for spreading Islam in the world, Advertisements/Posters is one of those branches.

This volume has 66 important advertisements. These not only included arguments against Christians and Aryas (a sect of Hindus in India) but also had prize money for whoever accepts his challanges. This collection includes famous advertisements like prophecy of the death of Lekhram and explaination regarding the prophecy of Atham. This also includes the advertisment in which it was announced that his essay "Philosophy of the teachings of Islam" would be the most overpowering one at the Conference of Great Religions in 1896. Some advertisements were published to bring some matters to the attention of Govt.

Initial compilation was done by Hazrat Mir Qasam Ali(ra), later more additions were made to this collection by Moulvi Abdul Latif Sahib Bahawalpuri.


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Language: Urdu

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