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A Letter to a dear one.

A Letter to a dear one.

Language: English

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This valuable book of Hazrat Chaudhry Muhammad Zafrulla Khan Sahib(ra), aimed initially for the new generation of his period, is relevant and contemporary even today. It is based on the timeless teachings of Islam, and is, therefore, free from the constraints of time.

For the large number of youth of our community growing up in the West, there is a dire need of such a book in the English language. InshaŐĄ‚ÄôallaŐĄh, the publication of this book in the English language will enable the Ahmadiyya youth to understand the real Islam as rejuvenated by The Promised Messiah(as). Its guidance is crucial to their balanced perspective of life, which generally tends to follow materialistic pursuits at the cost of religious and moral values.


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