Hazrat Umme Sulaim (ra)

Hazrat Umme Sulaim (ra)

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Hazrat Umme Sulaim (ra)

Biography of Hazrat Umme Sulaim(ra)
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The booklet Hazrat Umme Sulaim(ra) is another addition to the series of books for children. Hazrat Umme Sulaim(ra) has a high status in Islam. She is known for her dedication to Islam, her love for the Holy Prophet(saw), her bravery, and her selflessness. She was a close relative of the Holy Prophet Muhammad(saw) and one of a
number of maternal figures in his life. This book is an attempt to peek into her exemplary life, through which children and adults alike can learn valuable lessons about devotion to Allah and His Messenger(saw).

The book was written in Urdu by Amatul Hafeez Aabida Zeeravi and translated by Hajra Ahmad. Several people have helped us in preparing this translation, including Uzma Ahmad, Noma Samee, Zeshan Ahmad, Roshan Ahmad, and Ayesha Noor. We also appreciate the Research Cell in Rabwah, Pakistan for verifying the book’s references. We are also grateful to Haallah  Ahmad (Shams) for preparing the activities towards the end of the book. May Allah the Almighty reward them all for their efforts.

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