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Hadrat Abu Bakr Siddiq (ra)

Hadrat Abu Bakr Siddiq (ra)

Hazrat Umme Sulaim (ra)

Hazrat Umme Sulaim (ra)

Hazrat Umme Haani (ra)

This book is a short biography of Hazrat Umme Haani(ra)
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This book is a short biography of Hazrat Umme Haani(ra), one
of the first cousins of our beloved Master, the Holy Prophet
Muhammad(saw). Hazrat Umme Haani(ra) was the daughter of
Hazrat Abu Taalib and the sister of Hazrat Ali(ra). This means that
she had the honour of being raised in the same household as the
Holy Prophet Muhammad(saw). In this way, she has a special place
in the history of Islam. Hazrat Umme Haani(ra) was a humble and
pious woman and possessed a high level of knowledge.

The book was written in Urdu by Naseera Syaal and translated
by Hajra Ahmad. The team that worked in the preparation of this
book includes Uzma Ahmad, Noma Samee, Hajra Ahmad, Ayesha
Noor, and Naveed Ahmed Malik. We are also grateful to Haallah
Ahmad (Shams) for preparing the Activities towards the end of
the book. 

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